King Androsus ruled the Kingdom of Steel, For many years he ruled as a kind benevolent king, raising through the ranks of the Knights Solar and becomming a powerful warrior. As the years past he began too crave even greater power expand his rule, during this time he began to become corrupted, citizens were executed for minor crimes and a darkness began to spread across the land.

Six Knights Solar served as his royal guard, they decided the only way to end the darkness that was spreading was to murder king Androsus. Together the six knights killed the king and divided the Kingdom of Steel between them becoming the six Barons of the Kingdom of Rust.g

During this time the Kingdom to the North, The Kingdom of Lilies wss also falling, the Beautiful queen had lost her daughter and the Trolls from the Swamps had began to increase in power and spread their influence throughout the land. The queen retreated to her castle and let the Kingdom fall into Darkness.

Age of Rust

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